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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hotels In London

As I've sid before that I wanted to visit my friend in Tottenham, London UK. So it's good to learn some tips on how should I go around the city of London by car. From what I know driving in London, UK is quite different here in Canada and USA because the driver's side is on the right side. So definitely, I wont be able to drive in London, UK. But in case you know how to drive in London, learning some important things about driving in London, UK is very important.

A lot of people from different country who stay in London arrive by air into one airports surrounding the city and those are London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Stansted Airport and Luton as well as the City of London Airport near the Docklands. Trains services in these area are very nice indeed with the main stations being Paddington , Waterloo , Victoria and Kings Cross. Roads are excellent too that links to Europe that makes driving to the capital easy. You have to consider the costs of parking so it is better to leave your car at home and some hotels offers that good rate for parking fees. Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk offers discounts for Hotels in London and good rate for parking fees in case you want to bring along your car with you in the city. Cheaperthahotels.co.uk also offer the same discount accomodation in Hotels in Paris , Hotels in Berlin , Hotels in Barcelona . So I will keep this in mind to visit Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk to help me find a discount price in Hotels in London.