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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Heart Of Friendship, Beautiful And Sexy Award

I will forget about the importance of keywords with this post for now. Because as I've said, this blog is all about my thoughts coming from my heart. How can someone ignore a lovely thoughts about finding online friends regardlass of blog traffic you will get from the search engine. Lovely thoughts that I can considered the best reward I can get as a person and as a blogger.
I was just telling on my post yesterday about recieving compliments like -I'm beautiful, I'm sexy, I'm pretty and now I am getting these awards? hahhaha-- My heart is jumping, my heart is dancing, my heart is singing----For those people I am getting those compliments from, thank you so much but the truth is I am not that pretty as you may think I am- Just photogenic I guess. But being beautiful and sexy should always comes from within. I have this Beautiful and sexy award from Lisa of My So Called Life.

And I have this poem tag from Rosemarie-of Celebrate Life, thanks for this my friend. You really touch my heart when i finished reading this poem.

I have always been a friendly feeling kind of gal and I do believe that true friendships can be developed over the Internet. I value my friendships whether in real life or online a lot...so when one seems to go away, for no real reason, or as soon as I notice that people who claimed to be my friend - are not really my friends...I feel hurt and at a loss. For some, Friendship is rather meaningless... but for me, like Love, it is the greatest thing any one of us has to offer. On this note,
I am now offering and passing on this Beautiful and Sexy Award and this poem that touch my heart about oline friendship- to all the bloggers on my co-bloggers list.


Rosemarie said...

hi tey thanks for doing the tag. and i will gladly grab the award later.

Tey said...

yup Rose you deserve it..

**"Liza"** said...

Im glad you love the wards Tey! ;)

TiOheM said...

Congratulations for these awards.