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Friday, November 2, 2007

My Kind Of Blog

I felt sadness when I read something. I wish my comprehension was just being ridiculously unreasonable. Maybe I am or maybe I am just tired since I lack sleep yesterday. I am sure a lot of professional bloggers started theirs, like a journal type like mine. Then as they become familiar with the right way when it comes to easy earning, they change their way like other professionals. I dont know, but I am just guessing. How should I know, I am just starting being paid. I didn't actually know that bloggers can be paid by blogging their thoughts. But due to curiousity, I tried and amazed to find out that I can really earn from this simple hobby. Then I came accross with a lot of bloggers as I try to find out on how to increase my Page Rank and traffic, so I can post a review from different paid to review sites. Confusions always get into my way as I try to deepen my knowledge about Google system. I am not complaining, I actually find it very interesting and challenging for someone new to blogging. I just wish I have all day infront of my computer so I can learn and be familiar with all of these concepts in one week or less. But my time is limited, so I just want to take things easy and let everything goes inside my brain as normal as possible, and have fun blogging while earning. I can't complain for I am really having fun posting reviews while my pocket is being filled with few bucks. I am sometimes dreaming of quiting my job and just stay infront of my computer all day but I think it is impossible since it is not even enough to pay my internet bills. I hope only for now. Who knows?... Oh well, cheap as it maybe but I am having fun so smile and happy blogging weekend to all.

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