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Sunday, November 4, 2007

SaveBuckets- A Price Comparison Site

This a good site to compare prices of different product. You don't have to go on one store to another to compare each price of the product you want to buy. Savebuckets is a free to use online comparison shopping service, which will provide you the price of the product that you want. They have thousands of products from a wide range of shops. Just enter your email address and the maximum amount you are willing to pay against the product you are interested. They will contact you via email when the price has reached or fallen beneath the maximum price that you have stated. The prices they provided came from the various shops and aim to keep this as accurate as possible. However it is best to always check before you buy. Savebuckets does not sell any products, they are just a price comparison site to compare prices on a wide range of products from different shops. The convinience of buying online, can save you both money and time. But it is always a wise decision to make sure that your personal details are secure. If you know that the product is over your budget then you can enter your email address and the maximum amount you are prepared to pay. After two weeks and the price they have did not meet your maximum amount, they will send you an email with the lowest price. Try to compare the laptop and the accesories they have on their website. Savebuckets is the trading name of Save Buckets Limited, a registered company in England and Wales. Visit their website at http://www.savebuckets.co.uk/.

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