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Friday, November 23, 2007

They're Happy- Our Page Rank Is Zero

I am sad and confuse about my Page Rank and a lot out there will be happy. Well I have expected this since I got PR#3 in less than two months. It's only now that I am realizing how Google will penalized bloggers who don't know much about Links, backlinks, SEO etc... People who just can't be happy for new bloggers to have high Page Rank while they have worked so much to get their high Page Rank. Well let me tell you something, I may not know very much about SEO, but I worked hard to create links from different site and created a lot of online friends. I can't actually consider it as a work at all because I had so much fun doing it. The only difference is that they knew very well about optimization to make money from it and we don't. But our traffics came from what we so called 'FUN" and not money alone. Because no matter where the traffic is coming from, it is still called "TRAFFIC". So to all of them, here's what you've been waiting for, OUR Page Rank wen't down to Zero !! HAPPY?

Here's the thing, creating links to our site, does help and the cheapest way to increase our Page Rank because this links are links that are directed to our site. Search engine robots follow links between sites. The more links a site have, the more visit it will get. Search engines count the links to our site which is good because Google will assume that the site have high quality. Page Rank is Google's system of counting links. So the more inbound links we have, the better chance for higher Page Rank. Getting more links should almost be the top of priority list when optimising a site. There are many ways to create links but some are acceptable and some aren't. Search Engine can penalized us if we use the wrong method. Because it says that the links should be relevant to our blog's theme or topics. Now the question that keeps clinging into my head is that, this type of blog that I have is a journal type or my daily diary where I put different topics about my life. So there's actually no theme for my blog but simply ABOUT ME!!! This means that I can post any topics or any link to my site. I would definitely not create a link to a site if it is not relevant to the topic of my post. However, I will always have different topic for each post. Now I can't understand why a lot of monetising site feel very bad about site that have different post's topics or irrelevant topics while BLOG means AN ONLINE DIARY!!!

As I've said before, getting a link may help better ensure that your page is indexed by the major search engines. In doing so, a lot of site with low Page Rank would want to be linked to a higher Page Rank site to help their Page Rank moved up. So why penalized those sites helping others with low Page Rank. Using NOFOLLOW tags will not help any low Page Rank sites at all and that sounds so selfish.

I know that a lot of sitewho make paid postings just write simply by money without even looking at the quality of their post at all. But Google should also look at the quality of each post before penalizing anybody's Page Rank, because a lot of this sites worked hard to create quality post for their readers.


Lauren Groblewski said...

I agree! It's not fair to be penalized for irrelevant links because the topics and relevancy will always change every post! How can the search engine KNOW it is irrelevant?

Lauren Groblewski said...

I tagged you in the 7 Random Facts meme I have on my blog...hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

oh, brother! frustrating!