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Friday, November 23, 2007

ShopWiki- Your Shopping Search Engine

My babies are not babies anymore and I feel sad whenever I see their Baby Clothes and Stuff. I wished I had the time for Shopping when they were still babies so I can shower them with cute Baby Clothes and Stuff. But when you got a crying Baby in your arms, it's just so hard to go out for a Shopping. Now that they are not babies anymore, I can always go on a Shopping all day at the mall. But it's not about Baby Clothes and Stuff that I am looking for anymore. Back then, I am not aware how easier it is to shop inside the house without the hassle of bringing along your crying babies while Shopping at the mall.

ShopWiki is a Shopping Search Engine designed to help shoppers to find products on the Internet easily. It is the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki. This Shopping Search Engine helps shoppers make the most informed buying decisions. This is a Shopping Search Engine that does not sell any products. It simply help usersto find any product available for sale on the Web. The Shopping Search Engine actively crawls the Internet to find a wide selection of products from different online merchants. The Shopping Search Engine helps shoppers to look for products using natural language without limiting the parameters. ShopWiki can also consider a shoppers community who cares price and quality of the product. Shopwiki is your Shopping Search Engine that will make your Shoppingfor your baby's needs easier than ever.