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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Useless Advertisement For Irrelevant Topics

I wasn't able to do my regular routine in blogging yesterday because I got busy working on the blog layout of my domain and health blog. But I am happy to see the 3 partition and be able to put the vertical banner of Google Ads and Google Referral ads. I hope to get more clicks now on my Google Adsense.

I remove the Google ads on this blog because I am posting different topics. So it's USELESS to put the Google ads if you will be blogging about IRRELEVANT topics. I will be grabbing few opps on this blog once in a while because paid reviews is how I want this blog to give me money. Keeping in mind that doing too much opps is not friendly for the Search Engine. So I might do 2 to 3 opps a week if possible. But most of all, this is my Online Diary so expect more of me on this blog and not some type of advertisement blog.

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