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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Week Boring Vacation

It's cold and slippery ouside but I still went out with the kids as I promised to bring them to Frankie Tomatto on their March Break. It's an Italian All You Can Eat Restaurant. They love to eat here. It's about 20 mins drive away from our house.

I am not very comfortable staying at home the whole day doing nothing worth while. I am not that kind of person who can just sit around and let the day pass by just siting or lying on the bed. grrrr!!! I feel bad that I can't do much with the kids but I have no choice because I have to get some rest from the surgery. I am starting to feel depress.

So hubby bought me a couple of Pirated DVDs in Scarborough after having our Lunch in Frankie Tomatto. Surprised to hear about Pirated DVD in Canada?.. lols.. 10 DVDs for $20.00.. Well, just being practical. Beside I am not the type or person who watch movies over and over again. Once I watched it, I am not interested to watch it again. So why buy an original? I'd rather watch movie in a theater than buying an original DVD. The quality is poor of course, infact I will go back there maybe tomorrow to return one DVD...lols.... Anyway, I know you wont be surprised about PIRATED DVDs because it's all over the world.... Practically speaking, it's good- but quality wise, it's poor. So it's your choice..... ..

Anyway, I hope to feel a lot better before the end of the week so I can function normally at work again. I will just make it up with the kids on summer...

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