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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The End Of Vacation

My vacation is over and my life with some of the people that I am not comfortable being with will start again. My pretentious act will break my happy and peaceful day to day living and I can't do anything but shallow this doomed day with them.

It's not actually my work that I am really complaining about but those ambiance around the the people of unpredictable minds. Those minds that I can not take to be with and pretend that everything is ok , that everything is fine. How wonderful my life will be if this person will be out of my day to day life on that place.

If you are experiencing this kind of wrathful feeling to someone, I suggest you to keep your eyes close, you ears blocked and your mouth shut. Because everything that will come out from your mouth will go against you because they simply don't like you. And whatever the reason maybe, shouldn't be your problem but them. Be happy and stay the way you are.

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