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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paid Domain For More Money With PPP

I am just home today since Thursday busy making my 3 new blogs. Besides, we can't go anywhere because all the establishments are close. I am craving for Mcdonald french fries... lols..

I didn't have much earnings on my Google Adsense last week. I probably didn't do good making useful content... boohoohoo... But I made a few bucks doing PPP opps. I actually have about 12 opps sitting on my account waiting for me to accept. And 2 to 3 are being added each day. If one goes away 2 will come out....Very tempting to grab it all. If I grabbed all of it using my 3 blogs, I probably made about $150 last week and that's only for one week. That's how prolific PPP is.

One thing I have learn about PPP is that, most of their advertisers prefer a paid domain. That's why most of the opps fall on my domain even though my 2 free blogs have higher Page Rank. But I don't like to prostitute my blog anymore. So I only grab relevant topic. And even though there's a lot of relevant topic that I can grab, I still didn't took as many as I can, because it is not friendly for the Search Engine in crawling your site due to too many open links.

This is the reason why I am making mulitple blogs and another 2 paid domain. So I don't have to do all the opps in one blog... God Bless to all

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