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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Things

Ive been tagged by Liza and here are the rules;
You have to list five kind things you do for yourself; five kind things you do for your closest friend, partner or child and five kind things you have done for a stranger. You then have to Tag five people.

Five kind things things I do for myself:
1. blogging for fun and money
2. facial
3. bubble bath
4. eat, sleep, eat , sleep and so on.. during the weekend
5. shop

Five kind things I do for my husband:
1. kiss
2. hug
3. love
4. care
5. mother of his kids

Five kind things I do for the stranger.
1. donate
2. understand
3. or ignore
4. help if I can
5. share whatever I can

Now I'm tagging Rose, Pia, and James


Rosemarie said...

thanks for this tag they i will grab this tomorrow

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Great tag Tey. I learned more about you. Thanks and God bless.