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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just An Extra Money

I just did two opps from PPP today. What can I do?...I need money...lols.. Beside I don't really care about the the Page Rank of this blog. This is my personal blog where I want to blog all about my thoughts and day to day living. However I might not do as much opps as before on this blog. Just few opps here and there for extra money.

My domain and Health blog is doing good anyway. I am getting daily few clicks on Google Adsense and the traffic is getting better. I feel bad with other sponsors for not giving opps to blogs whose page rank was slap down to zero because of doing paid reviews. That's why as much as possible, I try to avoid doing opps on my domain and on my Health blog. I might accept only relevant reviews since it gives extra traffic coming from the advertiser's clients.

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