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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drive Traffic And Make Money

Buzzfuse is a viral marketing for blogs, photos, music and more. The following can give you traffic and money.
1.) Sign up at http://www.buzzfuse.com for free. Win $180 premium accs!
2.) Register your favorite original photo, post or song (or anything else you've got in mind) for marketing through our service.
3.) Review the process and how Buzzfuse can help you drive traffic to your blog and make money from your work. You can even use it to increase the traffic on your other PayPerPost opportunities!
4.) Talk about how this service can help promote your blog/photos/music and make your posts more visible.
5.) As an added bonus, if you have over 30 people in your 'circle' and have registered more than 2 posts with Buzzfuse, you can win one of 1000 premium accounts (value ±$180.00) and earn money for each top-performing post you make. T&C apply.
6.) Keep on using Buzzfuse.comto market your posts -it can only help...

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