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Monday, December 31, 2007

Your Mini Bikes Guide

We sometimes spend time looking for a parking spot at the mall during the weekend, just to buy one item. Mini bike is easier to park and cheaper in gas. It's good to own a mini bike to go around the neighborhood. But it is advisable to shop around and get more informations about different bikes before purchasing one, to know which one fits your style.

A good source of informations about mini bikes is yourpocketbikes.com. They provide safety and legal informations about mini bikes. These 3 kinds of bikes that they have on their website will help you understand the difference between each bike before purchasing one.

Pocket Bikes are small compact electric bikes with lower speeds and a low ride height good for younger riders. They also offer informations about Pocket Bikes with higher speed for more experienced rider.

Mini Choppers are perfect for riders who are looking for single cylinder or a twin, air cooled four stroke bike. Electric start that uses straight gas. Some models have high speeds, but only to use around the town. Very economical for gas saving.

Super Pocket Bikes are the highest quality mini bikes that will provide you the experience of riding a powerful motorcycle. It is safe and stable enough to handle the power demands.

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