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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Domain Site For Making Money Online

I recently purchased a domain site with Google for my new money making site. Because I've noticed that there are some restrictions with free web hostings in making money online. I have some problems installing some scripted banners on my sidebar that I have to put it at the bottom of my post's body. This is quite frustrating if you are trying venture with different ways in making money online. So I decided to purchased a domain. I feel somewhat bad that I didn't changed this site's publishing to a domain at an early stage. Now that I have worked hard for this site to build links and traffics, I don't think it's practical to change it for I will loose some of the things I've worked hard for this blog.

If your purpose of making money online is though pay per click or affiliate programs, where you have to install scripted codes, I suggest you to get a domain site for less restrictions. Even paid postings can sometimes be a problem when you have to do several postings within a day.

I am not complaining about purchasing a domain site with GoogleDaddy. In fact I am very happy about their service so far. But if you are interested in getting a domain site for a cheaper price, you can try Personal Website Hosting or Business Website Hosting with Burton Hostings.

Burton Hosting offers website templates, flash templates, and different products for fast, easy, and high-quality website. Their team provide support for all their clients needs and inquiries. They even have Burton Hosting Community Forums to provide their customers further support and knowledge about Burton Hosting.

I actually joined their Affiliate Program and was approved right away.And now I can start making money through their affiliate program. I encourage you to visit their website at burtonhosting.com to learn more about what they can offer for your business or money making site.

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