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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bubble For Your Picture

This is a sample picture without the bubble and below is picture with a bubble. Did you see the difference? Do you love adding cartoon features to images. It looks fun to me.

The Bubblenator will tun your simple picture into something fun by adding a bubble. This is fun if you love making some comic features on your website. Simply load your picture and use the Bubblenator to add text on the bubble. You can place up to three bubbles to you image. You can choose any text, sizes and style inside the bubble. When your done, Bubblenator will give you the HTML code by clicking the green button. Copy and paste the HTML code on your web page and you can easily see the bubbled image on your webpage...

This features is fun in creating some entertainment on your webpage. Bubblenator just made it easy for everyone to create a simple entertainment on your webpage by creating some cartoon captions on the images you've chosen. You can also use this when you are are promoting some product. You can use any images and put speech bubble on it. I wish I have the time to have fun creating some funny captions on my kids pictures.

You can remove and add bubble by clicking the add or remove button. To move a bubble you simple have to drag the bubble to your desired place. You can also change the style and sizes of the bubble.If you are having some trouble using Bubblenator, Bubblenator Help page will provide you the guidelines in creating bubble unto your picture. Visit http://www.online-casinos.com/bubble/ and add cartoon captions to your photos images by using Bubblenator. Have fun!!!

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