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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Making Money By Blogging Isn't My Illusion

I feel blessed to recieve offers from my sponsors almost everyday. Most of my friends do not believe when I tell them that I am making money from blogging. That's why I just decided to keep my mouth shut and just do my thing. Until one person made a research about being paid to blog and realized that this wasn't just my illusion as others think.

A lot of people at work look for an extra income like selling different products (inside the workplace) or a part time jobs during the weekend or sometimes after hours of work. Blogging is the best way to earn extra income since you can do it at home. I dont have to leave my house and spend gasoline to go to a part time job. All I need is a computer, internet connection and basic knowledge in HTML.

Not that selling products is bad, but selling them inside the workplace look so cheap. As much as I wanted to help people in making extra money but seeing their eyebrows raise makes me feel like I sound crazy. Since someone believe that making money by blogging isn't my illusion and now denying the fact that he is visiting my other site to get some idea. just makes me feel sad. I made that site to help some of my non-blogger friends to start blogging. A simple "hello" will be greatly appreciated instead of telling me the best way to make money online, as if he has been doing this for a long time, while he has never made a blog himself yet. People just have to know the difference beween the truth and arrogance because Making Money By Blogging Isn't My Illusion. Gee what kind of people are they? waaaaaaa leave me alone!!!!

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