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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sad About Paid Links News

I just got a news from my email today about Paid Links. I am very sad to hear that Google will soon remove Paid Links because this kind of Links effect Google algorithmic. Google is not human so that means Google doesn't know how it helps a lot of bloggers to make money online. But some are happy to hear this news.

I can't afford to buy paid links and it gives companies an advantage I can't afford. But then this companies are making money online possible. One just have to be open about different aspects in life. So what if they can afford and we don't. If you cannot afford to buy, then work hard to build links. If someone is born to buy things in life, why can't we just be happy for them? And be thankful that "can afford" companies are sharing their blessing to bloggers in making money online.

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