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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Building Links

I am a bit busy registering to link directories for my "Health" blog. It is my experiment blog for adsense, but I am too busy to do a regualr update and it looks like an abandoned blog. So I thought of spending time working on it.

I wanted to start building links for my domain site but it's too early so I might start working on it sometime next week. I still want to exchange links from my fellow bloggers related or not related to my blog. I really dont care, but I want to work on building quality links because relevant reciprocal links are important in blog traffic and page rank. So there's no harm in trying. I can't wait until Christmas vacation so I can start working on my new site so it can start making money as well sometime next year. Anyway I have to go to work now and hope to have oopps tomorrow.

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