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Friday, December 14, 2007

PayPerPost Referal Program

I am surprised that I have two pending "Review My Post". I am quite excited about this Review My Post program. So I send some questions to PPP support. I ask them if it is possible for me to read the review they did about my post.... geeee!!!

I am also suprised that I have one pending referral and it was only more than a week since I got PPP's approval of this blog. However, I have the PPP's badge post on my blog even before the approval. I remember applying with PPP and felt devastated to be rejected since this blog was only less than a month. I am wondering how I was able to refer someone who joined PPP since 09/10/2007 while I started my blog on Aug 26, 2007. I can't remember exactly, but I probably put the referal badge right after I register and was able to refer someone.

But it's great that PPP never deleted the referal even if my blog wasn't approved yet. Thanks PPP. What a great program you have. I really hope Google will support this kind of program instead of putting it down from the blogosphere.

So sign up with PPP and join their affiliate program while waiting for your approval with paid reviews. Or simply review my post on your blog by clicking the banner "get paid to review my post" and you will get paid once your post has been approved. Have a great weekend to all.

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