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Monday, December 3, 2007

New System In Paid Posting Confused Me

I am confuse about the system of this paid review site since I am very new. I am making a lot of mistakes in every post I make and that is not good for my score. I guess I have to be more familiar with their system and pay more attention to all the datails of the intruction per post. The latest project I did says, disclosure badges NOT REQUIRED- I will see if it will be a mistake not to put the disclosure badge this time. Because it is indicated on the terms and condition to put disclosure for each post..ahhhhh...confusing.

I was hesitant to take one of the posts since it needs a domain site to to do it, but it was located on the green bar which I thought available for me. So I tried doing it and was rejected afterwards since this blog is not a domain site. Now what is next? hmmmm--we will see, this is interesting....

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