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Friday, December 7, 2007

Payday Loans For My Blog Traffic

Everytime I post about Loans, Payday Loans or Mortgage Loans, I am getting clicks on my adsense and my traffic meter goes up. I wanted to categorized this blog for MONEY since that is related with Payday Loans. But I made this to blog my daily thoughts. Ever since I started making money from this blog, I always try my best to learn something about the Search Engine. That's why most of my personal thouhgts are all about what I've learned about Blogging for money. I find it very challenging and interesting although my time in learning everything is very limited.

I used to be uncomfortable posting something about Payday Loans because I don't know much about it. But believe me, I've learned so much from all those Payday Loans sites that I did in paid postings. Payday Loans and topics related to it, have increased the number of my Technoratti Authority. That means Payday Loans as an anchor text can generate traffics. So this can be good for pay per click advertising or adsense. I wish I have the time to learn more about it but as I've said, my time in learning about blogging for money is very limited. All I can wish for at this time, is to have more oopps about Payday Loans.

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