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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do Yo Have Unethical Blog?

I got this news from my email and I want to share it with you. How can blog be called unethical?

"On another thread, The ability to pass pagerank. Can it be lost?, there was a suggestion that selling links is unethical. In the current climate of Google's war on paid links, I certainly see that selling links is unwise, but is it unethical? Merriam Webster defines ethics as
  • 1: the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation and
  • 2: a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values.

Google based its search technology on an evaluation of site/page popularity (PageRank or PR), and then publicized the results through its toolbar. Webmasters capitalized on that information by first trading and then buying & selling links to help affect the PR of their own sites. Google's response: don't do it. And please help us stop it. Fine. They have a right to try and stop it, but how does that make buying or selling the commodity they released on the open market, a matter of ethics? "

What can I say?.... Blog is supposedly an online diary. But I was amazed to learn that people can make money from it. I am not a judgemental person to say that someone is doing something unethical. Because I usually look at myself first before looking on someone else ethics. Links are everywhere on every blog and most are hiding it just to hide themselves being called Unethical. Affiliate Marketing have links that can generate income too. If one blog's topic is about Health and suddenly blog about Loans. I can probably call it unwise instead of unethical. But if one blog's category is 'GENERAL" or 'PERSONAL"--- Hello!!!! this only means that the topic could be anything under the sun. If making money through paid links is unethical, then I must say that every way of making money online is unethical because blog is supposed to be an ONLINE DIARY.


Thira said...

Hi Tey, I'm still a little confused with all the PR issues they have now, but per smorty's suggestion I stop putting paid posts tags and also I removed the direct links of "hire me" and the direct links to my blog's worth.I just put general affiliate banners.

Is it ok to remove the "no follow" tag from the html?? I did that recently for experimentation and found out that by doing that my Google info gained numbers. From 0 to 21. I think that was the one blocking it. I'm not sure though if what im doing is ok, but I agree, blogs that are categorized as general or personal should be able to write about anything, unless you specifically put there that your blog is strictly a health blog.

Tey said...

you mean "no follow" on the comment? because I am not sure if it is a good idea to do "no follow" on your post body esp if u are doing paid review. i dont think advertiser will like that.I am still learning everything Thira, just like you.

Pia said...

this whole thing about PR sucks! i heard about the no follow tag, but honestly, i didn't know what to do with it. i just let it be. whatever opps God sent my way, thank you. if there's none (which is the case most of the time since this PR thing got me a flat 0) then, so be it. tey, this whole google PR is crazy. that's just my opinion though. =(

Tey said...

I feel the same way about PR and same thing happens to me ever since my PR went down to zero. So i dont care about PR anymore.. Thanks if there is oops available, but if none.... thanks as well...