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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Free Screensaver By MsnEmotions

I used to play around my screensaver. I love to see different features everyday. But that was before I start working fulltime. Now that I am busy, I can't play around much on my computer. I am on my Christmas vacation now, that's why I am grabbing my chance to sit infront of my computer and SERP on the internet.

I came across with this cool Free Screensavers website and look around what other cool stuffs they have. I love this Christmas Screensavers they got so I thought of uploading it as my Holiday Greetings to everyone. I also want to show this cool winter screen saver they have on their website and let everyone see how winter looks like in Canada. I am not sure if this shot was taken in Canada but, winter here in Toronto looks very much like this Winter Screensavers in some part.

My kids also love the website, that they have add it on their favorites. This website do not only offer free screen saver but also offer different cool stuff for free, like glitter graphics, smileys, layout and backgrounds etc. The membership is free. All you have to do is register and you can log in right away. Visit http://screensavers.msnemotions.org and see some of their new Fireplace Screensaver , Aquarium Screensavers and many more for free.

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