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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Truth Behind The Martial Arts

When my twin girls were about 7 years old, I enrolled them to a Tae Kwando class. I want them to learn the basic self-defense. Not only will they learn how to defend themselves but also to have a regular fitness exercise. My kid's were exhausted and unmotivated and ask me not to enroll them anymore after the season. I really think it's because the system they had on that school didn't explained well, the importance of learning self-defense.

The Truth Behind The Martial Arts is very important to discuss with the student, especially for young minds. This is the way to motivate them and to continue learning self-defense. Captain Chris' Close Combat system will help anyone to understand the importance of having some knowledge in martial arts.

Captain Chris Pizzo is a 5 black belts martial artist and U.S. Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Officer. When Chris Pizzo’s was diagnosed with seminoma cancer, his career in Military was stopped to perform all those medical procedures to cure his seminoma cancer. He became over weight and clinically depressed. Found a new life in the New Jersey public school system. Because of his friendly personality, Chris became the favorite teacher and coach of both students and the administration. Loved by thousands of soldiers, police officers, bounty hunters, bouncers, doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, real estate agents, college students, senior citizens, and "normal" Moms & Dads he has trained, Captain Chris is now considered the World Leader In Self Defense. His website is to spread the "truth" about martial arts and self defense.

Take a no-obligation "test drive" of his award winning Close Combat Training system absolutely free at CloseCombatTraining.com


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