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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bloggers Thoughts

I change my new blog to domain publishing. I might be slow in updating it and building links because of my busy schedule, but I will try my best to work on it and eventually make money from it. At least I can post as many as I can without worrying of being spammed. I will do some campaign one day at a time like registering to building link sites. Although I've done a few campaigns from my fellow bloggers already. I might do some long tagged from my fellow bloggers on my new blog so I can still accomodate some fun in blogging since this blog might be busy posting paid reviews. I am so happy with PPP's oopps from my account. I will do my best to take it one at a time and hopefully increase my PPP's score so I can have higher offers. I am as well happy from blogvertise's consistent offers to grab on my account. I am getting about 3 to 5 oopss a week from them. But I am sad about my issue with Smorty's. I am trying to think positive since they've given me good number of ooopps on the first few weeks of this month. Problem started when Google did some changes to a lot of blogger's site with regards to PR. Well I just hope things will go well with everybody. God Bless !!

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