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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Monetize Blog With Low Traffic

I was reading the discussions in Blogcatalog about how to make money with low blog traffic. It's very true that paid reviews is the easiest way to make money online especially for new blogs. I made $5.00 for my very fisrt paid review when my blog was less than one month old, while I made about $2.00 with Google Adsense in my first 2 months.

But there's a down side in paid reviews. Google don't like it that's why it will eat the value of your blog in the long run. How is that so?

When too many sites(bloggers) linking to one site(advertiser), Google is having a hard time crawling the URL being reviewed by a lot of bloggers. This causes an increased number of URLs robots.txt restriction on blogger's site. You can check it out on Webmaster Tools to diagnose how Google see your site.

When I didn't post any paid reviews in two weeks (no opps) but continue the daily postings, the number of URLs restricted by robots.txt went down from 248 to 30. And when I started doing daily paid reviews again for one week, it went up from 30 to 180. This means paid reviews create URLs robots.txt restriction.

This sounds very frustrating to bloggers whose only way to make money online is through paid reviews. I have been studying and trying so hard to learn other ways to make money online but it seems forever to see an inspiring result on my paypal account

I have been learning how to make money through Affiliate Marketing for almost a month now and spend about $9.99 to upgrade my account with USFreeAds for the advertising. So far I have only made $9.19 and don't know when it will be send to my Paypal account. The worst thing is, if the buyer return the product then my $9.19 will just go in the air.

I have been trying to learn the real secret behind a decent earning in Google Adsense and most of the time, it makes me think "It's a joke" to earn $5.00/day with Google Adsense. I am trying to be positive about this that's why I keep crossing my fingers everytime I open my Google Adsense Account - and have at least a a few cents on the total earnings. So far my daily earning in Google Adsense increases when I added few codes on my sidebar. I will try to add at the bottom once I had the chance. Hopefully this will increase my CTR.

Lately I dont have opps, which means I dont have earnings online. I only have $34.00 on my Adsense account, and I dont know when can I reach $100.00 since it is the minimum payout for Google Adsense. I dont know when and how much should I invest to have stable sales on Affiliate Marketing.

When I have the PR, offers from advertisers are here and there. Now that those offers ate my blog's PR, only few offers and sometimes none... I always keep my mind positive about everything and have fun doing it. But sometimes, it's frustrating to know that the easiest way sometimes is the easiest to disappear.

I still do paid review when there's a chance because I love doing it. Aside from the instant money per review, I am getting good traffics from advertiser's custumers. I sometimes think advertisers are advertising the review , that's why I am having good traffics everytime I do opps.

Paid Reviews can Monetize new blogs with Low Traffic. But like I've said, Google don't like it. Perhaps doing it in moderation won't hurt. Try to choose relevant and highly targetted topics to get extra good amount of clicks on Google adsense.

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