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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Traffic With Less Competition Keyword Phrases

Traffic from the Search Engines is important because this is where you can get the targetted readers for your Google Adsense, or even affiliate products promotions. Your post title has a big part to be indexed on the Search Engines. You have to make sure that your post title(main subject) should be indicated on the introduction, keywords are spread throughout the post body and on the last sentence or paragraph.

Google is sometimes late in crawling especially with low PR sites like mine. I mentioned on my previous post that my post "To Monetize Blog With Low Traffic" is nowhere to be seen of the SERP. But now that Google did the crawling, the said post is on the first position including the article I submitted on Diggs. . Some of my previous posts are also now to be seen on Google Search Engine .I have observed more traffics and good number of clicks on Google Adsense when I post about loans. But there are many campaign for "loans", so it is harder to get good index position. for loan topics. As I've learned from the Ecourse, try to search for unique or less competition Keywords phrases. Making sure that the main keyword is not neglected on the post title

If your title is "LOAN", your post will less likely to be seen on the Search Engine. But if you will associate it with keyword phrase with less competition, like "LOAN FOR Jobless People" or "LOAN for Unemployed", you'll have the chance to get a good position on the Search Engine queries and get more traffic.

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