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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Traffic From Post Title

I didn't post on my domain yesterday because I want to know which site am I getting clicks on my Google Adsense. Unfortunately I didn't have any--- It is quite confusing because I use only one Google Adsense account for my 3 blogs. But I think I know why I didn't get any clicks on my Google Adsense yesterday.

My post title yesterday is "To Monetise Blog with Low Traffic"- If you will search that title on the Search Engine, my post is nowhere to be find ( see the print screen). I wasn't able to reach a good position on the Search Engine that's why I didn't get any clicks on my Google Adsense. I forgot to search for a better keyword for my post title.
larger view
If I am going to make the title of this post as "Getting Traffics", this will probably end up getting nowhere again on the Search Engine because the title is too broad and too many users for this title already.
larger view
But if I will associate it with some keyword , like what I did on my post title "Source of Traffic and Backlinks" wherein I made it on index#1(see print screen). Then I will get good traffics from the Search Engine.
larger view
I will try to make the title of this post as "Getting Traffic From Post Title" since there's no one have this title yet. I wonder what will happen tomorrow...(Geee!!! I hope I can make it).
larger view
One thing I have learned from the Affiliate Marketing Ecourse is how to search for a better keyword. I will try using it on my post title to reach the Search Engine. Because I believe that the Post Title is one of the most important factor in getting Traffic from the Search Engine. I just have to make sure that the keywords on my Post Title are within my post. Making it as original as possible.
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