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Friday, February 8, 2008

Getting Google Adsense Clicks

Everybody is talking about some downfall on Google Adsense earnings. I actually feel odd because lately I am having daily clicks on my Google adsense. But don't be amazed because it's not very much. It's less than $1.00/day but it makes me happy to get daily clicks on my Google Adsense.

As far as I have observed with regards to Google Adsense, your post have to be in good SERP position to get some clicks on Google Adsense. This is by making fresh and original content; Title of the post is also one big factor to get clicks. Making sure that the keyword is on the title.

I also observed that when I post a highly targeted topic, I will have few clicks on my Google Adsense. But since this blog sucks in SEO, the clicks dont usually convert into sale that's why my Google Adsense earnings per day is low.

I am waiting for my domain to get a little more older, then it will probably generate good earning is Google Adsense since it has better SEO than this blog. I HOPE!!

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