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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging My Thoughts

I am still thinking if I should stop doing paid reviews on this blog since my Health blog is starting to get good traffic. I actually started working on it. My domain site is now turning 3 months old and I have been working hard for it eversince.

I want to start making this blog as my personal online diary as I used to. When I found out that I can make money by blogging, this turn out to be an advertisement blog. Well not that I dont want to make money online anymore, I do. That's the main reason why I made my domain. I find making money online very interesting and made me always look forward to sit infront of my computer to learn new things and make money as well.

Blogging my personal thoughts has always been my passion, that I really want to blog about. Blogging has been my stress reliever whenever I feel bad about anything. But lately, blogging for money is stressing me out. I want to slow down learning and doing everything all at the same time. I might not do paid posting on this site or probably lesser, as I still have some bid that might get an answer from advertisers.

I might not remove some affiliate banner on my sidebar just to help out the promotions. Other than that, all that you can read on this blog is all about my personal thoughts


Norm said...

nice idea tey! thanks for the visit, take care..

Tey said...

thx norms