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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pretentious Act To A Faithless Heart

Just an annoying pretentious night. Pretending that everything is fine. Everything is ok, just to preserve some good things somewhere, somehow. Other than that, is Pretentious.!!!

Is it bad? Probably, because I feel bad inside. But to make everything simple and quiet since there are so much eyes looking upon each others moves, it is better to pretend to make things look as normal as possible.

Different from what it was before. She might felt it but this is just the fruit of negative act and thoughts from a childish mind with Faithless heart.

I don't hate, of course I dont. Feeling hatred will just make me feel worst. I just feel sorry for her narrow mind. Her rootless comprehensions of rejections. Her paranoid thoughts around her. As if she can control everyone's mind and thoughts, that she is one with no blemish at all..


Pam Archer said...

Interesting narrative. I suppose we all have a facade and pretentions from time to time.

Tey said...

yup pam, It's hard but sometime we have to. I hope to end this soon and should everything to normal. Otherwise, I have to move myself far from this pretentious situation.