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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Theory Of Affiliate Marketing Ecourse

I am glad to received a comment yesterday, requesting the link of the Affiliate Marketing Ecourse I am into right now. I will be glad to post the link but it is probably good to finished the ecourse first, before I recommend the system to all my readers. The Lesson is not finished yet, so I want to make sure that everything is free before I recommend it to anybody. Don't blame me, because I have enough scam already. When it comes to "MONEY", scam is the fist thing I have in mind. In fact, I find it normal over the internet and also in real life. Nothing is new if at the end of the course, I will be asked for something in return. But so far, I am so impressed with all the knowledge I am receiving on my email.

I am not a scam because I hate scam. So I don't mind sharing some of the things I am learning from this Affiliate Marketing Ecourse. It's actually hard to explain one by one. But I will try my best.

The theory is actually his theory. And from someone's theory you can make your own unique theory. But then without his theory, I wont be able to build my own theory about how Affiliate Marketing should really work. Because I am not a Marketer but just a simple Blogger.

He have some background in Marketing. Probably why he was able to make the system himself. I have no background in Marketing- probably why I was easily blown away. But honestly the Ecourse is amazing.

He started his campaign for the ClickBank Affiliate Product by making a lens in Squido - making it as his landing page; an an excellent proving ground for marketing copy. First promote the lens in UsFreeAds by submiting an article.

My own theory--- I was thinking that I could probably start with my blog as my landing page for the affiliate product, then make a lens on Squido via rss feed to get quality traffic and backlinks. Then promote the product in UsFreeAds. I thought of this since I already have a blog and the traffic of this blog is quite good. I am not sure about my idea since the Ecourse has just started.

I already made an account in UsFreeAds and in the process of learning the system. I will automatically have backlinks everytime I made an update on my blog from Squido via rss feed. I followed the Ecourse recommendation to make an account in StumbleUpon and Delicious. And I recommend it to all for backlinks and traffics. Everything is free. Everything make sense to me.

I will be slow with the update because I can only concentrate understanding the Ecourse during the weekend, So bare with me. Happy blogging day to all.


Anonymous said...

hey, girl! i'm starting a new blog. well, i'm holding info for now but i'm giving paid posting another shot. we'll see what happens.

toby said...

hi tey, thanks for the post. I really wish you would reconsider and not wait until the course is done before telling us how to sign up.

I know you want to protect us but I'd really like to start so i can form my own opinion of the course just like you are.

Besides, I really want to learn affiliate marketing too. I don't anyone would blame you if it turned out to not be free. We all understand it is not in your control.

Also, you keep saying how amazing it is so far, but then not tell us how to sign up too. It feels bad for me.

I really like your blog and I hope you not wait and will share with us so we can learn and make our own judgements too.

thanks, toby

Tey said...

hi Pia, congrats --I will be on your blog soon as I finish this.

Tey said...

hi toby, thank you so much for visiting me again. I can see that you are as eager as I am to learn affiliate marketing. I suggest you create an account with squido and learn how to make a lens. Spend some time learning squido and you'll probably get the reason why I am giving the ecourse link. If you still dont get it, it would probably good if you will wait unitl the course is done and I will post the ecourse link as my gratitute to the author for giving me this great knowledge.

I suggest you follow all the link on my post, learn it and you'll get the theory of the Affiliate Marketing Ecourse right before the course is done. Have a great day my friend.