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Friday, January 18, 2008

PPP's Media Requirement

I was able to grab 2 PPP opps, but I have a feeling that the other one will be rejected because of the media requirement. I wonder who can do this thingy in a short period.

I didn't have any clicks on my Adsense today but I have two search queries. I still expect to have few clicks on my Google Adsense but I didn't have any. Grrrr!!! Just can't seems to figure out the real secret behind a decent earning from Google Adsense. I was told that the earning grows as the blog gets old. How old?!!!!-

Anyway, I will try grabbing PPP task again since PPP is the only one giving out opps. I have two opps from the other sponsor. But honestly, I dont like the topic. These two opps will be my last time to do this kind of topic.


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