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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Rosemarie-Journey tagged me with this .
1.Champion a child - target: My son! Kim and Kelly of course my sweet twin daughters!
2.Encourage a co-worker - target: Encourage to blog for money
3.Read a a great book - target: I don't read books lately since I am very busy learning affiliate marketing on the internet
4.Do something that frightens you - target: Going to high places...argggg!!!
5.Write a thank you note - target: To Gog who's always there for me
6.Do something kind for a stranger - target: I hope I can reach out to people who need extra income by blogging my thoughts
7. Wow a customer - target: Huh...Everyone who never get tired visit my blogs.
8. Learn something new - target: Too many to mention but one thing I am pretty excited about is learning affiliate marketing strategies.
9. Let go of a resentment - target: It's part of everyday life..
10. Do better work - target: I am trying my best
11. Be more passionate - target: I am passion almost about everything I do and love
12. Speak truthfully - target: I am honest and like Rosemarie, I hate dishonets people
13. Stand for excellence - target: HUH!!! waaaa I am trying my best



Rosemarie said...

Thanks Tey for doing the tag

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Thanks for the tag! Anyway hope all is well.