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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Open Backlinks For Comments

I accidentally publish some comments that I am not supposed to publish, so I have to republished one of my posts yesterday. I am so sorry for those who are leaving comments on my Loan posts for backlinks purposes. I find it very rude to leave a loan site URL on loan post promotions. My comment is open for backlinks but not for spamming.

As for those who are asking for linkexchange, I am very flattered for all your requests. I am still open for all link exchange requests. Hence, I would like to inform you that the comment of this blog is open for backlinks. You can just leave a comment on any of my posts to get backlinks from this blog. However, I will be glad to read comments regarding my posts instead of a simple "HI", "Hello", or "nice posts" for I might consider it as a spam. Better just drop your comment on my cbox if you just want to let me know that you have visited me (smile)... Expect a reply from me on one of your posts as well. I may not be able to visit your site at once but I would definitely visit you as soon as I got the chance. But if it's a spam comment, expect nothing from me...(of course!!)--

Control copy and paste the URL code of my three blogs, if you want to link my sites to yours---

If you want to get good backlinks from this blog, pick to any of my posts that is relevant to your blog or posts as I have different topics on this blog. I just want to remind you that the Page Rank of this blog is 0. It would be better for you, if you can get backlinks from relevant site with high Page Rank to get a solid backlinks.


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