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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paid Reviews Only For This Blog

I am too lazy to do the two opps waiting for me. I am very uninspired to make money through paid reviews anymore. But since this is the only way I know how to make extra income online, I might do it tomorrow.

I signed up with affiliate program and started learning how to generate income from it. I might do some affiliate posting on this blog to help out the promotions and I already started one. I have not made any money yet but I hope it's only for now.

Paid reviews is the only way I know that gives me extra income online but the less value your blog have, the less money you can get. The worst thing is, the more you do paid reviews, the more it pulls down the value of your blog. So I thought of trying making money other than Paid Reviews. I will keep my domain site away from Paid Reviews and just keep this blog doing it while I am still learning the other way.



Pia said...

you know, i feel the same way. i don't want to do it anymore. i'm planning to delete every paid post in my blog but then again, i still need the income i get from here. =(

claudia said...

I have the same problem. I guess we have to have a goal, like a blog that I visit another day. The blogger decided that her goal was to buy a playstation.
My goal is to reach 500 dollars every month.
When I am too lazy or uninspired I remember my goal and I try to write.
The problem you mention is real. I was pagerank 4 when I began, now I am 0. And my blog is full of reviews and so little original content. I guess I will have to create another blog and start again.

Tey said...

well there are still some decent ways to make money online but it's not going to be as easy paid reviews. Everybody say the paid review is not a decent way to make money online. However I dont see any undecent on it. It's just Google who's making it undecent