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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Journey In Learning Affiliate Marketing

If you are doing Affiliate Marketing for quite sometime, you'll probably know the reason why I am holding the link of the Affiliate Marketing Ecourse I was telling on my post Theory Of Affiliate Marketing Ecourse. For those who are new and interested to learn how to make money through Affiliate Marketing, I suggest you to create a lens in Squido. Learn and play around your Squido account and you'll probably get the reason why I am holding the link, aside from scam reasons.

After creating a Squido lens and you still dont get my point, it would be good for you to stick around as I post everything I am learning from the said Ecourse. How I follow and do his ways in Affiliate Marketing. Because as I've said, that the Theory is his theory. And from someone's theory, you can make your own unique theory and follow what you think is worthy of following. Once the Ecourse is done and evrything stays free, I will post the link as my gratitude for passings his knowledge in Affiliate Marketing.

I decided to impart all the Affiliate Marketing Ecourse update on my domain since this blog is so busy making money the other way. Beside this blog is supposed to be my personal online diary that turned out to be an advertisement diary...lols... Just visit my domain , Walk Through Money Online Journal. Join me in my Journey in learning how to make money through Affiliate Marketing.

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