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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Conscience To Make Money With God

I have been experimenting Google Adsense since I started to learn how to make money online. I have been observing which of my topics that I am getting clicks on my Google Adsense from. When I learned about Google Webmaster Tool, my long observations are coming to a conclusion. Since Google are doing their daily crawl now, I tried posting something about the Bible for a couple of days and for the very first time, I am getting daily clicks on my adsense. Google is trying to tell me what I should be blogging about on this blog..... BIBLE Messages!!!
click for larger view
The right side tells me the top clicked queries of the top 20 from which users reached my site, and the percentage of the top 20 queries represented by each click. Which means that I am getting most of my traffics when my post about Sunday Bible Message reached the Search Engine because my position is on #1. Which is why I am getting clicks on my Google Adsense lately. I will get more if I continue to post more about the bible. Or perhaps, make another blog about the bible and make money from it.

But--- my conscience as a Christian cannot take to make money with the words of the Lord. If ever I posted and will be posting topics about the Bible, it's because this is my way of spreading the word of God and not for the intention of making money from it. I have known that Bible topics has less competition on Google adsense. You might not see it on Google ads but on Google Referals you will find out which topics and its cost per click.


blogkadahan said...

hello ester, Good for you, me until now kunti pa lang kita sa adsense... hehehehe. Di ko kasi maintindihan pano mag optimize or maybe di ko lang talga binibigyan ng time para unawain. Happy new year!!!

Tey said...

HI blogkadahan- thanks for dropping by...Google adsense is very challenging unlike paid reviews where you can easily make money online just by blogging your thoughts. Google adsense needs more patience and a lot of learnings