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Friday, October 22, 2010

Work From Blogging

I have one pending task for my Array Of Hopes blog but my mind is not working right now. I only have until tomorrow to submit that task and I will try my very best to finish it tonight. Then I have another task to do for this blog after that one pending task to do for this blog.

Then I have to do at least 2 assignments for my Concealed Mind blog with at least two interim for each assignments. I need to do at least 4 posts for a day until I finish all the recent assignments on time. Busy, busy, busy!! But I love it!! I enjoy blogging and being paid for doing it.

I am also very happy that my Array Of Hopes blog was accepted by my newest sponsor. I really hope that this blog will also receive an ample assignments from my newest sponsor, like my Concealed Mind blog. It will surely keep me busy but I am having so much fun doing it, not to mention that I am making extra money from it. This is what I call, WORK and not a JOB

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