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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy And Keeping Myself Active

I just finished the two order and ready to be ship tomorrow. There is one order from France and I have to order some ingredients from my supplier. I just paid for the shipping of the ingredients because I have so many assignments to make. I really don't have the time to pick it up on my supplier's warehouse. I hope that the ingredients will arrive before the end of the week so I can ship it right away. The other items are ready to be pack.

Anyway, I had fun at the CFFL service last night. The foods are great but I tried not to eat like a pig, like I used to.

I also did Petra Kolberg's Just Dance few minutes ago, and I really had so much fun learning her moves. It's fun and easy!!

I am thinking of exchanging Jeantte Jenkin's Kickbox Party dance video. I am not so impress with the sequence of her choreography. I don't want a refund, I just want to replace it with one dance video on my wishlist. I am waiting for the response of the customer service on on how the exhanging will go. If I have to pay for another shipping, I might add another one video.


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