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Friday, July 2, 2010

Thankful For The Assignments

I just finished one task from my newest sponsor and I have 7 more to go for my "Concealed Mind" blog. I have to make sure that I will finish all these assignments by July 9, otherwise I will fail to follow the rules and this can be a chance for my removal on their system. I don't want that to happen because I have waited for quite a long time to be accepted by them. They are one of the generous and big paid blogging company and their system is very easy to follow so I don't want to loose this opportunity.

I need to save money for my Laser Genesis and Juviderm treatment, and blogging can be a lot of help to save the amount I need. Call me vein, but I just feel that I need this.

I am so thankful for being accepted by this paid blogging company and I will make sure that I will do my best to do my job well for their advertisers. Beside, their system is not as stressful as my other sponsor, so it will fit on my busy schedule. I can't wait to finish all these assignments and receive new batches of tasks from them.

1 comment:

Vicy said...

Hello Tey..Thanks for droppin by also in my page..I think we are writing with the same blogging co. They really rock!!They always give me assignments..I got 13 task from them yesterday..I am going to submit my other blog too and see if they will accept it, hopefully..