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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Thoughts On This Blogs

My Concealed Mind blog is so busy taking tasks from my newest sponsor, so I thought of sharing my daily life on this blog instead. I usually share my blogging and business thoughts from this blog but since my main online diary have been busy, I will post my daily life in here.

Yesterday, we cleaned our old house and brought our dog to the saloon for a total clean up. And today, I will vacuum our van because it is sooooooo filthy due to the moving. Then I will bring the van at the service center to fix the break. I will be bringing the van to work until hubby starts his work on night shift.

Somebody ask me to post pictures of the house on my facebook. FOR WHAT? There is nothing special about my house. I find those people who post material things on social networking sites like facebook, are desperate to show off something to intimidate other people. I bought the house for my family and not for anyone else...

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