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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Acne and Age Spots Treatments

We are finally settled on our new home. I just need to do the thorough cleaning next weekend particularly the kitchen and the washrooms. These moving together with the hot weather gave me acne breakout. My busy schedule and the messy placement of all our things made me neglect my regular Facial Care routine.

I am thinking of having the Laser Genesis Treatment sometime next month. But for the meantime, I will continue looking for a good Skin Care Products that will help heal my acne breakout before having the Laser Genesis Treatment. I need a good Acne Products that I will use even if I am undergoing the Laser Treatment.

After the Laser Genesis Treatments, I am thinking of having the Juviderm Treatments to help reduce the Acne and Age Spots. I have been wanting to try Murad to treat all my skin problems. I will see if I can afford to buy it now online.

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