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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Excited To Earn From Blogging

I finally receive some tasks from the paid blogging company that I have been waiting and WOW!!! I have about 8 assignments today which I have to finish until July 9, which means I can do one task per day...

Their system is so easy. Just one link and 60 words per assignments. I can do one task for less than 15 minutes so this is so easy for me and will not be stressful for my busy schedule.

I can submit another blog after 60 days, one blog per month with a maximum of 10 blogs. I will submit my other 2 personal type blog so I can have more blog to receive more assignments and save the money faster. And if I find their system very comfortable with stable number of assignments, I might create another personal type blog to submit to them.

I am so excited and I am already counting the money I can save for my Laser Genesis and Juviderm Treatment. I need this treatment before our reunion next year.

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