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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Organized Attitude Again

Yesterday we bought a new washing machine and stove because the one that we have on our new house is too old and dirty. I just can take using it for my family. I am glad that hubby was approved for no payment for two years so I don't have to worry about the budget for two years. I have more room to save for the payment.

We are almost settled and I can see a home inside our new house already. The cable, internet and telephone are now working. Now I am working on calling a lot of companies for change of address. It's a lot of work and I am not sure if I can finish all these companies this week since there are still some things that we have to get to the old house and put it on the right place in our new home.

I am trying my best to keep everything organized this time. Not because I am planning to move to a new house soon, but for easier access of all the things when I need them. I lost this attitude since I got busy with my blogging and online business. I will make sure to keep my mind focus on keeping my house clean and organize again with our new home.

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