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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Intrinsic Value For Investment

There are still few more things to clean and organize after the moving, and we can start doing some summer fun activities like cherry picking or camping. My mind is too pre-occupied on making my new home well-organized so I can't think of setting a date to do some summer fun yet.

There are so many of my things that I can't find because of the messy arrangement that my hubby did at the storage room. I have to spend an hour to find my jewelries. I bought these jewelries since I was still single and I don't think I can buy some of these anymore because my budget priorities now are for my family.

Gold Jewelries are a very good investment. It's like Gold coins or gold bullion which are vital part of commerce since the early civilizations of Sumer and Egypt.

When you buy bullion, it is an investment that protects your wealth against poor economic conditions. In addition, unlike empty promises and inflation-protected notes, when you buy gold bullion you are investing with tangible properties, and can be held in your hand. It is truly an investment with intrinsic value.

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