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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spending Nothing For My Surgery

I went to the hospital yesterday for my pre-operation orientation and I was so tired when I get home. I didn't go to work last night as I have to take some rest and have to do clear fluid diet until tomorrow for my surgery.

One good thing that I am very thankful about, is I am here in Canada when this thing inside me appeared. I was thinking that if I am in the Phillipines, I would probably be worrying of how MUCH do I have to SPEND for the surgery first, instead of worrying of how MUCH TIME I still have for my family.

I will not be spending anything for my surgery because everything will be covered by the Ontario Health Benefits. Their ward room is up to 4 patients but since I have an insurance at work, I requested for a PRIVATE room. I hope to get one, otherwise I will be in a semi-private room (two patients).... I would probably be spending about more or less Php200,000(Philippine money), equivalent to about CND$5000 or more, if I am not here in Canada. I don't actually know if I can afford that!!!

Yes, the Canadian government tax is too high that I don't even want to look and compute how much money they are taking from my salary. If you are someone who came from a third world country like Philippines, you will appreciate everything instead of complaining about those little imperfections from the government. There are probably some corruptions going on in Canadian Government's politicians but it is not as brutal as the Philippines greedy politicians.

I feel a lot better when I talked to my doctor and re-assure me that everything is going to be just fine. Of course, I am going to have some pain but I will be closely monitored for that.


Ellie said...

Just sending you well wishes for your surgery. Though the taxes sound awful, it must be reassuring that you can just worry about healing or being dropped from your insurance policy.


Tey said...

hi thanks for dropping some lines elle.

Anonymous said...

you're blessed. and i totally agree with you about the corruption going on here. it totally sucks!

Tey said...

just hearing the news back home makes me feel bad for everyone..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tey,
Thanks God, you will not spend anything for your operation. God is so good. He willed that you be in Canada when the time came for that operation so that you can be covered by their health care. I will be praying for your successful operation. Hold on to Jesus so that you will not be afraid when you undergo that operation. Thanks for the information my friend. God bless you and your loved ones always.