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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Feel Bad

I am feeling a lot better today and I am happy that I am having a regular digestion. But the pain is inconsistent and making me feel weak and lazy to do anything. Doing nothing can be bad and slows down the process of my recover, that's why I try my best to move as much as I can and eat as healthy as I can.

I feel bad whenever I had the pain of digestion because it makes me feel so lazy to do my blogging routine. I really hope to feel more stable and energized this week so I can start my regular blogging routine. But I am happy that I was able to update my blogs and submit to one directory yesterday. I was hoping to submit to about 3 directories but the pain started and I have to take a pain medication which makes me fall asleep and feel lazy after.

I also feel bad that I am not strong enough to go to church today but I really hope and I will try my best to attend the church next week. God Bless to all!!!

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