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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Traffic Means Money With Google Adsense

I had a very very good traffic for a couple of days now and I am so happy about that. I wish I know what I did so I can to do it everyday...lolss.. For the very first time, I've reached 145 page views and 125 unique visits.. Is it Entrecard? Is it BlogCatalog? Is it Mybloglog? Is it Bloggers.com? or is it my blog hopping?..I don't really know, but whatever it is, I hope I will always have this much traffic especially on my relevant sites.

Today I had a very good traffic on my Celebrity Blog. Looking at the Webmaster tools, last week it was my post about Girlicious that put my Celebrity blog on a good index position. Webmaster Tools provide information about your index position a week after, so it's really hard to tell which of my post is giving me the traffic. Yesterday, my post is about Miley Cyrus naked photo. This is probably giving me good traffic today. A good number of visit for a one month old blog.

I had a good number of clicks on my Google Adsense yesterday as well. But it's hard to tell which of my blogs that gave me this number of clicks on my Google Adsense. I can only guess through the traffic for each blog. Confusing because my Health Blog (6 months old) and my Celebrity Blog (1 months old) have almost the same number of traffic today.... Why? well my Health blog is not as highly optimized as my Celebrity Blog. I tried my best to make my 3 new blogs to have good SEO as possible. From the main URL, Blog title and blog description. Just a simple tips if you aim to earn a few bucks from Google Adsense. It wont hurt to learn... Have a nice blogging day to all


MarketingDeviant said...

You need Google analytic to track down where the visitors came from. Highly recommended! It is free by the way.

Tey said...

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate that

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Good that you are having a good traffic to all your blogs. Whatever it is you did, just keep on doing it so that you will always have an increase in your traffic. Congratulations. Thanks and God bless to you and your family my friend.